DIY Wine Decor – Cabinet Topper

DIY WIne Decor - Cabinet Topper

My husband and I enjoy wine, a trait we each received from our families.  There is nothing like a bold glass of red to accompany Sunday dinner or a crisp fresh white on a hot summer day.

When we built our house we added in a bar area, an upgrade which made its way into the options guide for future buyers in our development.  We left space for a wine refrigerator between cabinets and drawers and added a wine rack above with glass cabinet doors for storing glassware.

DIY Wine Decor - Faux GrapesWith nine foot ceilings there is certainly space above the crown molding atop the cabinets.  First, we filled in this empty hollow space with some painted plywood to make a level working area.  Then I headed to my local A.C. Moore for supplies to make a wine inspired garland.

What You’ll Need

  • Ivy / Green Leaf GarlandDIY Wine Decor - Wire
    • I used 4, 7-foot pieces
  • Faux Grapes, small & medium
    • I used 4 medium bunches and 8 small bunches
  • Green Flower Wire

What To Do

  1. To make your garland look fuller, take 2 pieces of garland and twist them together. Utilize the loop holes on either end to link the two pieces together.
  2. Spread tiny ‘branches’ and leaves apart from each other and ensure they are not tangled.
  3. Using the flower wire, thread a 4 inch piece through the loop hole atop one of the grape bunches and then wrap around the vine, twisting off and tucking ends. Try to opt for areas that aren’t very full of leaves.
  4. Alternate small and medium bunches, and grape colors if you choose.
  5. Place garland stop cabinets. You may want to use thumbtacks to secure the ends, and potentially some points along the way if you want it to fall a certain way.

I tacked either end of my garland as well as tacked in the spots where I used the medium grapes.  These are heavier and I wanted to make sure the garland wouldn’t fall, or the grapes wouldn’t droop too low and get in the way of opening my cabinets.   The garland creates a sophisticated look and is a simple DIY project!

I plan on making some other garlands to put stop my kitchen cabinets and even a seasonal Christmas style to interchange this winter!

DIY WIne Decor - Cabinet Topper

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