Initial Planning for a Disney Wedding

Planning a Disney Wedding

So you’re thinking of getting married in the most magical place on earth?

That’s exciting, I was too!

It was always a dream to get married in Disney World, a place I love most, but I never thought it would actually happen.  I would joke about it with friends, family, and even my boyfriend but thought it was too far-fetched to make a reality.

When my boyfriend proposed, one of the first things he said was, “We’re just gonna do this in Disney, right?”  I was so surprised! He was never a huge Disney fan but he had mentioned he liked the idea of a destination wedding.   That was all I needed to hear.  Disney Wedding Planning began! I first started browsing the Disney Fairytale Weddings website and created a few dream wedding plans.

Unlike some of you, or even my younger sister, who have your wedding visions swirling around your heads and on Pinterest boards, I had no idea what details I wanted for my wedding when I first started out, but I filled in the dream space as best I could.

Disney Wedding Planning – First Step, Contact Disney!

My mom helped out greatly by calling the Fairytale Weddings team and requesting information. Not everything is posted on their website of course! We received some initial planning documents by email and began to learn more about their process – my dream was slowly becoming a potential reality!!

We set up a Site Visit for the first weekend in May 2015. These introductory sessions are scheduled for about 2 hours and can take place Monday through Saturday. We were lucky to obtain a Saturday 12:30 PM session as weekend times are understandably more popular for travelers.

We met with our assigned wedding consultant, Kristi, and she detailed the selection process and timeline, options & enhancements, room block information, and potential locations with special requirements.  We even saw the Wedding Pavilion and some of our top location preferences. I detail more about our Site Visit in another post.

Plan Ahead

Some of the things you’ll need to think through before contracting Disney or arriving for your Site Visit Disney are:

  • Anticipated guest count
  • Anticipated budget
  • Preferred Dates
  • Ceremony Location Preferences
  • Reception Location Preferences
  • Preferred time of ceremony
  • Are you interested in hosting additional events? Welcome parties, Rehearsal Dinner, Farewell Breakfast, Guided Tours, etc.

Be sure to utilize the Dream Space on the Disney Fairytale Weddings website to check out venue guidelines, photos from real Disney weddings, and review all your enhancement options documents to be most prepared for your site visit!

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