I’ll admit I can be a bit of a control freak so I took on planning a lot of my bridal shower myself, including the making of these Disney Inspired centerpieces.  I looked on Pinterest as all good brides do but wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted.  So I took the inspiration from a fall themed centerpiece, one of the few I found with instructions, and went to town.

clear-mason-jarSupplies for 1 DIY Disney Centerpiece

  • 1 Plain Mason Jar with lid (16 oz.)
  • 1 2 oz. bottle acrylic paint
  • 12 inches of thin ribbon
  • 1-2 small floral bunches
  • 1 vinyl sticker

Where to Buy Supplies

You’ll need to plan this out a few weeks in advance so you are able to get the supplies – the only item with a lead-time is the stickers depending where you order from.  The other supplies can each be ordered online or purchased instantaneously at your local Arts & Crafts store.

I got my mason jars, paint, ribbon, and floral at my local A.C. Moore store and ordered the vinyl stickers from the Sweet Pea Vinyl Etsy Shop.  She was able to customize size, design, and color which made it very easy!

How to Make These DIY Centerpieces

DIY DIsney Centerpiece - wedding craft in processYou will need to do this at least a few days in advance to allow adequate drying time.  If you can do it in warmer months when it is going to be dry, it would be great to do them outside or in the garage so the paint odor isn’t overpowering!

  • Apply vinyl sticker to outside of mason jar
  • Remove lid and set aside. Pour ¾ of acrylic paint container into the jar.  Swirl, slowly, allowing the paint to coat the inside of the jar.
  • Begin tilting the jar to have the paint travel upwards towards the opening, spinning to ensure an even coat. Add paint if needed or running thin.
  • When the paint is fully coated along the inside, place over the lid and store upside down.
  • The excess paint will drip down and land on the lid, which can be discarded easily.
  • Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Flip upright and check moisture level. Drying can differ based on humidity and temperature levels. If the interior sides are still damp, continue to leave upside down until dry.  Otherwise, the paint may drip back downward towards the base and create streaks.
  • Insert faux floral pieces of choice.

Insider’s tip: Don’t skimp on the paint – when there isn’t enough it can get splotchy or streaky.

Style Ideas

There are so many styles to make these centerpieces in, you just need a little creativity!  See something you like on Pinterest?  Now you can make it your own.

  • Pretty as a Princess – Princess silhouette vinyl stickers with pastel pinks, turquoise, blue, purple jars and white flowers
  • Fall Frenzy – Maple leaf vinyl with orange, red, burgundy paint & sunflowers or mums
  • Frozen Inspired – Snowflake sticker, turquoise sparkly paint, white flower with crystal accents

diy disney inspired centerpieces



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