Disney Inspired Ask Your Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor Hanger

Congratulations on being engaged!  It is one of the most exciting times of your life.  Now that the big question is out of the way (and you answered correctly…yes!) it’s time for the next question.  Who is going to stand beside you on your wedding day?

Who and How to Ask?

For me it was easy, my one sister would be my Maid of Honor and our two joint best friends would be bridesmaids.  The four of us were always together and pretended to be sisters anyway.  My fiancé had three brothers, which made it a perfect match.  Three girls, three guys, and a lot less opinions and drama than other wedding parties might have!

Nowadays, it seems like you cannot just call and ask your girlfriends anymore.  You have to plan an event, cute gifts, and an Instagram worthy way to pop the question.  However, don’t worry; you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fairytale inspired bridesmaid brunch.  I will give you some great DIY Disney inspired ideas.

The Brunch

disney bridesmaids Brunch with the Bride InviteWhile I probably did not have to even ask the question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” I wanted to plan a cute way to anyhow.  We knew we were going to get married in Walt Disney World so I planned a Disney themed morning for the girls.  Utilizing Paperless Post I invited the girls to my house for ‘Brunch with the Bride.”

On the brunch menu I planned a mimosa bar with orange juice, grapefruit juice, mango purée and fruit to garnish.  Luckily, I had brought home a bottle of Disney’s Fairytale Cuvee champagne from a prior Disney trip to add some extra sparkle.  Of course, any old champagne will work!  I made Mickey shaped waffles and a vegetable quiche (gotta fit in those dresses!) and served on Mickey Mouse plates.  I even wore a Minnie Mouse shirt! Can you tell I love Disney?

Bridesmaids Gifts

For gifts I bought each girl a wooden hanger, either Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor, from the Wedding Hander Studio on Etsy for their dresses.  Bridal tip: not personalizing saves shipping time and money! No celebration is complete without a toast so I ordered Champagne Flutes from LetsTietheKnot on Etsy.  For these I did personalize the glasses because I wanted to include the girl’s names, our names, and location (we did not have our date yet at this point). These champagne flutes were beautiful and something the girls can have forever.  I wish I ordered myself one too!

Disney Bridesmaids Champagne toast

Instead of ordering cards, I made my own for each bridesmaid so that I could personalize the message including special memories I had with her.  All you really need is Microsoft Word and some creativity or pretty handwriting and some cardstock if you really want to go all out.   I went the electronic route and found some fun Disney-inspired fonts to help.  The cover of each card differed, one Cinderella themed, one something blue, and one Frozen themed. The back cover of each card included a picture of the four of us from our last trip to Disney together in front of the castle.

For my sister’s Maid of Honor card I used Anna and Elsa from Frozen and re-wrote my own message to the tune of ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” on the front cover of the card.  I know you’re singing in your head so here’s the first line…Do you want to plan a wedding?

On the inside cover of each card I used the following poem I found online:

Before a bride walks down the aisle or finds the perfect place,

Before she knows which cake to cut or if she’s wearing lace,

A bride will choose the special girls she wants by her side

whose love and friendship she’ll keep close long after she’s a bride.

(Feel free to use it!)

DIY Disney Themed Bridesmaid Brunch

Overall, it was a great morning spending time with the girls closest to me without too much fuss.  Hosting at home made the event not only more affordable but also more private and special.  Planning a wedding is so much better when you have your best friends beside you, so give some thought to who and how you ask!

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My bridesmaids & I brunching on Mickey shaped waffles!
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