Disney Bridal Shower

Ready to live out your happily ever after? Did you find your Prince Charming? Does the glass slipper fit?  Nothing quite epitomizes these words like the Disney love stories many of us grew up watching or the Princesses we aspired to be… and not just for Halloween!  There is something special and inspiring about Mickey & Minnie or Ariel and Prince Eric. Disney brings out the little girl in us all. Whether you are going to be a Disney Bride or not there are many easy ways to incorporate Disney to your Bridal Shower.

Set Up a Photo Booth & Add Disney Props

Use Disney inspired props to add some magic to your shower day.  You can mix and match these in with other regular props to make sure there are options for everyone. Grab some wigs, boas, beads, and glasses then supplement with hold-up props. There are so many options on Etsy to purchase or if you’re very crafty you might even make some yourself.   At my shower I had Princess cutouts of course plus the main Disney characters too. I set up the photo booth in the corner of the room and used a Cinderella wall covering from Party City as the backdrop.

Disney Inspired Bridal Shower Photo Booth Idea

Create Your Own Centerpieces

An easy DIY project can be to create your own centerpieces.  After searching through Pinterest for anything Disney inspired I was coming up short with items to purchase or great directions.  In my mind I wanted pastel glass jars with flowers modelled after the Disney Princesses. So I set out to make them myself!  Purchase smooth mason jars or wide vases, acrylic paint, and stickers of choice – maybe Mickey heads, princess silhouettes, or the castle like I chose.  Full directions can be found here.

DIY Disney Inspired Wedding Centerpiece

Go for the Sweet Tooth

If anyone in your bridal party or family can bake ask them to help out with Disney inspired cupcakes.  My sister is a phenomenal baker and can whip up gourmet cupcakes from scratch. You don’t have to get that fancy, a simple vanilla box of Duncan Hines can do the trick too. The frosting and toppings is where you can get creative. Order pre-made Fondant cupcake toppers on Etsy for the easiest application over some basic jar frosting.

Disney Bridal Shower Disney Princess Cupcakes

Add in Disney Trivia

We all have been to showers they seem to just go on and on, especially when it comes to gift opening. I was very adamant that my shower would be quick and painless for guests and ran through gift opening as quickly as I could still being polite. One way to occupy guests while you open yet another place setting is to give them something to think about. Create your own or shop on Etsy for Disney Love Song, Disney Couple, or even quotes from Disney movie trivia.

Be Subtle with Hidden Mickeys

Disney Bridal Shower DIY Wedding Centerpiece Hidden Mickey FlowerIf Disney holds a special place in your heart but you don’t want it to be obvious to guests you can always go stealth with hidden Mickeys just like there are around Disney World and Disneyland.  Buy some adhesive crystals at your local craft store and place 3 in the shape of a Mickey head anywhere or on anything at your shower. I added hidden Mickeys to one flower on each of my centerpieces but you can also add them to favors, signs, or chairs as other ideas!

If you love Disney, don’t be afraid to show it, especially as you celebrate finding the love of your life!

Disney Inspired Bridal Shower Bride to Be

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