Block Island Sand Dunes

Looking for a fun day trip from Rhode Island, Connecticut, or New York?  Make a visit to Block Island! It’s the perfect location and size for a day trip or if you want to kick back and relax you can easily turn your visit into a long weekend.  Even though both my husband and I grew up in Connecticut, neither of us had visited this tiny island just 14 miles off the CT coast.  So this was the year we decided!

Obviously summer is the busy season on Block but we didn’t let this deter us.  We planned a Saturday in July to visit.  Ironically, it was a very cool summer day – it was only predicted to get into the 70’s and remain overcast with potential showers.  This worked out to our favor as many day trippers probably passed or rescheduled.

Getting to Block Island

We took the high speed ferry out of New London which is an hour long trip.  I highly recommend getting up early and taking the 8:30 AM ferry to maximize your time on the island.  Other options are to ferry from Narragansett, RI or Montauk, NY.  Given the weather, it was a little choppy of a ride and was also too cold to stay outside for the ocean breeze. That was okay though because we spent time inside plotting out our day with the Block Island map.

We had traveled with our bikes so that we could get around the island easier and did not have to rent.  If you do not have your own bikes, no worries you can rent as soon as you step off the ferry. There are so many options: bicycles for two, scooters, children’s bikes.  Once we got to Block we collected our bikes and headed to the northernmost point of the island along Corn Neck Road.  Settler’s Rock and the North Lighthouse are quick to see so we headed back towards the main tourist area and grabbed lunch at Harborside Inn and indulged in their Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar… delicious!

Traveling Around Block Island

TBlock Island, day trip, new England, rhode island, Mohegan bluffshen it was time to make it to the other sides of the island so we took off to Spring Street stopping at the Spring House grounds, the South East Lighthouse, and finally Mohegan Bluffs.   Do not be afraid of the stairway – it is achievable!  Granted, I do workout pretty avidly, but even if not you’ll be able to take the stairs down and back up….slowly.  Once you’re back up top straight ahead of the stairs you might notice the grass pushed away making a tiny path – take it!  It is a beautiful view over the cliffs.

We continued onward onto Mohegan Trail, Lakeside Drive, and Cooneymus Road to Rodmans Hollow.  This is a nature preserve area with walking paths, but be sure to take note of where you came in!  We got a little confused while wandering throughout the Hollow but eventually made our way out and back to the bikes.

Finishing Our Day Trip

We followed West Side Road, with a quick visit out to Dorry’s Cove, all the way back towards the more crowded areas and found Dead Eye Dick’s and Mahogany Shoals along the pier of the Great Salt Pond.  After some time wandering there we rode back to the Ferry area and enjoyed pineapple infused tequila margaritas at Ballard’s.  We caught the 4:55 ferry back to New London quite worn out from all of our biking and walking.  When I re-mapped our course, we had traveled nearly 18 miles on that tiny island!

We can’t wait to head back on a nicer day to enjoy the sunny beaches!

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