Disney Wedding May 2016 Wedding Flowers Blue

Wedding flowers are an important decision about your big day. One of my biggest pet peeves wedding planning was finding beautiful bouquets or centerpieces on Pinterest but having no idea what flowers were in them.  Some women know their favorite type of flower and must them in their bouquet. One of my friends loves calla lilies and wanted them so badly.  Unfortunately, her wedding was in October and she didn’t get her wish. I’m not that type of girl.  Other than roses, daisies, or carnations I probably can’t identify most other flowers put in front of me, let alone bouquet styles.

When our floral coordinator came to meet with us I may as well have lost my voice like Ariel.  I had no idea what to tell her other than colorful, fun & bright. I did know some things, for instance a petite bouquet and that I preferred round in shape.  I also really wanted hidden Mickey heads somewhere in or on my bouquet stems.  Otherwise, I had nothing to say.

Thankfully, our floral coordinator was a godsend.  She truly hit it out of the park with our floral coordination for bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.  Not to mention all of the other décor she helped with.  I’m still in awe of how pretty everything came out and jealous I couldn’t take all the flowers home with me!

A description of our bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces is found below. If you’re hosting a spring or summer wedding the bright blend of colors will really stand out.  The mix of colors also leaves room for a wide variety of accents with other décor such as chair swags, napkins or even your bridal shoes!

Bridal Bouquet:

Shape: Round

Flowers Included: Orange and Hot Pink Roses, Pink Calla Lilies, Green Cymbidium Orchids, Dark Blue Delphinium and Green Hypericum Berries with accents of Ivory Roses

Sparkle Accent: 9 Clear Single Swarovski Crystals and 1 Clear Mickey Swarovski Crystal

Wrap: 75% wrap of faux stems in #329 Cobalt Blue Ribbon

Bridal Bouquet Multicolor Disney


Smaller version of the bridal bouquet without white roses

Wedding Bouquet Bright Multicolor Disney

Wedding Boutonniere RoseBoutonniere:

Groom: Ivory Rose Boutonniere with accent of Greens and #329 Cobalt Blue Ribbon Wrap

Groomsmen: Ivory Rose Boutonniere with accent of Greens


Reception Centerpieces:

For our centerpieces we opted for a half and half split of high and low floral arrangements.

Wedding Flowers High Bright Multicolor CenterpieceHigh Centerpieces

Panache Vases with a base of Clear Acrylic Ice

Fill each vase with water and submerge a stem of Green Dendrobium Orchids in each

Top each vase with arrangement of Floral to coordinate with Bridesmaids Bouquets (no white roses)


Wedding Centerpiece Low Bright MulticolorLow Centerpieces

8″x8″ Chubby Cylinder

Top each vase with arrangement of Coordinating Floral (no white roses)

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