Disney Wedding Cake Tasting

One of the things I was most looking forward to in wedding planning was cake tasting.  I love desserts!  Before attending our Planning Session we had to choose 4 cake flavors and 4 filling flavors we’d want to sample.  We had no trouble choosing cake flavors, but it was so hard to choose the potential fillings. So many looked yummy and there were many options to choose from including fruity, savory, or sweet options. In the end we narrowed to:

Almond, Marble, and Chocolate Cake


Amaretto Mousse, Amaretto with Almond Crunch, Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch, and Raspberry Mousse for our fillings.

Since we only chose 3 styles of cake the bakers also gave us yellow cake to sample.

Wedding Cake Sampling

Mid-way through our Planning Session our cake was brought in for a little pick me up surprise!  Here is a photo of our cake platter:

Wedding Cake Tasting in Disney

Everything was excellent, of course, it’s dessert!  We were able to mix and match any of the lady finger sized cake flavors with the small packets of frosting for a truly customizable experience.  There was also buttercream frosting available to try as that would be covering the outside of the cake.  Then fondant would be applied for best shape and look on our cake, but it would be removed before serving.

Wedding Cake Design

Based on our guest count we were going to need a 3-tier cake and we chose a round style.  The top tier would be saved for us to take home or enjoy while still at Disney.  Our favorite was the almond cake so we choose that for our top layer and the larger bottom layer paired with the Amaretto Mousse.  Then we chose chocolate cake with raspberry mousse for the middle layer.

Our planner recommending bringing some photos of cakes to our planning session for inspiration.  We mixed and matched a few cakes we had seen on Pinterest.  We loved the castle topper so we added this to our design – it is a completely white chocolate castle!  Each layer would be bordered with a royal blue ribbon along the bottom. Our top layer would have silver Mickeys on it, middle layer would have a sparkly brooch, and the bottom layer would have some icing decoration.

Here’s how our cake turned out – it was BEAUTIFUL!!

Disney Wedding Cake


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