Choosing Enhancements: Make Your Wedding Day Special

Your Disney Wedding can be full of magical additions such as character appearances, musicians, funny tourists, and even fireworks!  Disney Fairytale Weddings has thought of just about anything to make your day extra special, and if they haven’t I’m almost certain they’ll work with your vision or ideas.  When you settle on a wedding type, Memories, Escape, or Wishes you’ll find out what the minimum required expenditures are.  Your enhancements can help you reach these values and customize your wedding day.


If you have guests traveling and staying on property one of the options you might choose is transportation – chartered limos or motorcoaches.  No, it’s not glamorous or all that exciting but it does count towards your minimum spend and your guests will appreciate it!  Next consider transportation for you (and maybe your bridal party).  Do you want to ride off in a Rolls Royce, a Horse Drawn Carriage, or make it a real fairytale with Cinderella’s Glass Coach?

If you’re thinking of using Cinderella’s Carriage it is something you have to request early. Like the date and venue of your wedding, this comes on a first-come, first-serve basis and is thrown into the mix during the Wedding Selection Process.   Kristi asked about our interest in this add-on.  I did not feel it was a necessity to request but my fiancée surprised me again – he really wanted the Coach with miniature horses!  I’m so glad we did this too – there is nothing quite like stepping into the carriage on the way to your wedding ceremony ladies!

disney cinderella carriage disney wedding

Ceremony & Reception Music

First, focus on your ceremony.  Do you want a vocalist, violinist, or string quartet? When you choose the Wedding Pavilion, the organist is included in your venue fee but at any other ceremony venues you might consider musicians.   Since we got married at the Wedding Pavilion we didn’t need to think much about this and we opted not to add a musician to accompany.

Now onto the reception – the fun part!  Are you thinking live band or a disc jockey?  We went with the DJ option which includes the dance floor, risers for him and/or the Sweetheart table if you choose, and three custom lighting projections.  Now the tricky thing with the DJ is that you don’t necessarily know who you are going to get.  Of course it’s Disney and it will be someone good, but the fear factor definitely freaked me out throughout the planning process.  Be proactive and ask your wedding planner for a list of approved DJ’s, check them out, and make requests for certain ones far in advance.

Reception Entertainment

Do you want any surprise visits during your reception?  You are in the House of the Mouse after all!  Disney Weddings can provide character appearances of most costumed characters, even with certain apparel.  We opted for the traditional Mickey & Minnie in their formalwear.  We didn’t think this would be a HUGE surprise to our guests so we wanted to add in something else.  Since my husband is a twin we brought in Chip & Dale to kick off our dancing right after dinner.  They were great and it was a total surprise to everyone at the wedding, even some of our wedding party!


Do you want guests to have a takeaway from your wedding?  You might consider a photo booth to fulfill this option.  Disney can provide a traditional style photo booth where guests keep one strip and you’d get the other.  They also recommend other photo vendors.  After some research we chose Photo Mingle.  This was a really neat experience – it’s like a giant selfie cam!  Guests could walk up and have a 3 second countdown to their photo.  Then it was interactive – guests could sign right on their picture and our custom wedding border was added to each photo.  Guests were able to take home 4×6 prints and we got an electronic copy of each photo taken.  We went the extra step and provided some Disney Props for everyone to use too!

disney-wedding-confetti-cannonHow about a little end of the night surprise?  The Confetti Cannons option was hard to pass up, especially once we saw some sample photos at our Planning Session.  You can match the confetti to your wedding colors or go bold and bright with a rainbow selection.  We chose the rainbow option and these kicked off our final song.  Our DJ announced to clear the dance floor and make a semi-circle around the Bride & Groom and then BOOM confetti flew everywhere.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately, I got so excited I started spinning around, which wasn’t the best for photos…. In most of them I’m facing backwards.  Oh well!


Floral & Décor Enhancements

This is a topic in itself!  Any floral, room drapery, lighting, or centerpieces count towards your minimum spend as enhancements.  There is so much to choose for here that I’m keeping it as a separate post!

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