Disney Wedding Menu Tasting

Tasting with the Disney Culinary Team

If you are heading to Disney for an in-person planning session I highly recommend requesting a tasting session at your venue.  This may not be available in some venue locations, but if you can, go for it! Our event was going to be at the Grand Floridian Convention Center so we were about to schedule a tasting session with their Catering team in the afternoon following our planning session.

Planning for a Disney Menu Tasting

I won’t give away all of the surprises, but we had a fabulous experience!  My fiancée and I plus my parents attended. To prep for our tasting session we had to choose 8 items to trial, which included up to 3 entrees.  They recommend choosing a variety of appetizers, side dishes, and entrees to get a good idea of your overall options.

We based our tasting on narrowing down a few hors-d’oeuvres we were interested in and solidifying entrée options and not trying items we knew how would turn out.  For instance, we knew without a doubt we would offer a chicken entrée and bacon wrapped scallops during cocktail hour, but didn’t feel the need to taste test.

Arriving at Our Grand Floridian Tasting

We were taken through the Grand Convention Center and into the commercial kitchen.  How exciting to see some of the behind the scenes action!  First we had four appetizer items, followed by a pasta dish, and then our three entrée selections.

The Chef was front and center at the counter preparing our food when we arrived, and explained each item in depth before we tasted.  He also went through any options for customizing the items to our palettes – for instance some people may like more or less salt, less pepper, crispier texture, etc.

Besides tasting the food we also got to see a few different place setting options, the Grand’s standard charger plates if you host an event there, and various napkin fold styles to make our selections for those items.

We had such a fun time with our planner, Chef Tony, & Wu.  Here is a photo of us right after the tasting.

Disney Wedding Menu Tasting at Grand Floridian

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